Best Horror Films 2016

Last year (2016) was a great year for horror movies. Between those released in Hollywood and shown in backdrop of indie genre, people can find some notable horror flicks that can whet their appetite for suspense and thrill. The following are some of the 2016 horror movies that people should check during one of their movie nights.


The sequel to the blockbuster hit, The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2 follows the story of married paranormal investigators who are continuing their battle against evil spiritual entities in London. Notably, this film does not fall very far behind its predecessor.

  1. HUSH

Hush is one of the hit flicks in Netflix. The movie is not that unique or comes with a heavy plot, but viewers will enjoy watching it. The story is about deaf woman who is living alone in her home. Her peace was suddenly devastated because of a stalker who invades her house. In summary, Hush proves to be a winner suspense and full-of-action horror flick.


The Shallows will catch the heart of shark movie fans. The movie tells the story of a young woman who finds herself trapped in a rock in the middle of the ocean while being guarded by a shark. The movie does not run out of suspense and the shark also has a lot of something to bite. Basically, The Shallows is perfect for those who side with sharks and those who are seeking for great thrill of escaping death by sharp teeth.


10 Cloverfield Lane tells the story of a young woman who finds herself locked with a deranged man. The movie is a psychological thriller with a twist of science fiction. Though things may get a bit freakish along the way, viewers can still enjoy the mind-bending things that happen to the protagonist.


Green Room seems to pay tribute to the 1976 classic, Assault on Precinct 13. However, starring group of punks who bear witness to something terrifying, the movie is full of brutality and horror. The group ends up as hostages of terrible people who can only be expected to do nothing good.


Lights Out is the expanded version of a popular YouTube video about a supernatural being that disappears when lights are turned on. The movie features a young woman and his kid brother. Though quite predictable, viewers will surely yelp and hold on to their seats in a number of scenes.


Don’t Breathe is one of the greatest hits in the horror genre in 2016. Viewers will witness various subversions, plus they will also claustrophobic as some young robbers find themselves in the mercy of the man whom they try to steal from.

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Resident Evil Franchise

Last January, Resident Evil fans witnessed the last installment of the movie franchise. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter tells the final chapter of Alice’s battle against the Umbrella Corporation. And of course, zombies.

The movie lost its support in the US. Though the last installment can be considered noteworthy and comes with some remarkable twist, it only earned $26 million domestically. Apparently, fans have grown tired of being disappointed by the previous Resident Evil movies.

However, when you look at the bigger picture, Resident Evil franchise is still making waves across continents. In fact, all previous Resident Evil films were received warmly by audiences that it another addition to the franchise was made possible. Moreover, the fourth film, Afterlife, earned $300 million worldwide.

Thus, as Americans are no longer paying attention to The Final Chapter, international screenings are still going big, with earnings of around $240 million. Surprisingly, this number does not include the earnings for China’s opening weekend, a staggering amount of $94.3 million. Thus, The Resident Evil: Final Chapter earned significantly more than its budget of $40 million.

Going back to the previous Resident Evil films, franchise was supposed to end with Afterlife. However, with the success of the franchise internationally, Paul W.S. Anderson found it hard to move on. And again, Screen Gems and Constantin Films witnessed the success of Resident Evil. As business enterprises, they are placed in a tight position regarding whether to continue the Resident Evil franchise or do a reboot. In the end, true Resident Evil fans can only hope. These monsters are as bad as a scary vampire.

Alien Covenant

Alien universe was told from different point of view with the prequel movie Prometheus. Fans were first expecting Prometheus 2, but now with a new title, Alien: Covenant is another prequel movie about Xenomorphs. If people can still remember the last moments of the last movie, they can expect to see more Aliens in this upcoming movie. However, before Alien fans start raiding the theaters in May 19, it will be better to get a good grasp of what has happened with the previous movies so far.


Continuing the story from Prometheus, people will see again Michael Fassbender as the hyperintelligent android who was really the one who made things worse in the first movie. Fans may still be cringing from the thought of David causing the birth of the very first facehugger. So yes, fans can thank David for causing a number of deaths.

Additional characters will include Katherine Waterston as Daniels, a terraforming expert who will become part of the crew of the Covenant, and James Franco as Branso, Daniel’s husband and former captain of the ship.

The new captain will be played by Billy Crudup, whereas Danny McBride and Amy Seimetz will take the role of the ship’s pilot and woman named Faris, respectively.

Notably, fans will be thrilled to see Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland, the founder of Weyland Corporation.


Alien: Covenant supposedly takes place 10 years after the events in Prometheus. The Covenant arrives at another plant on the galaxy. As the crew will find out, the planet is not exactly a paradise. Moreover, they will discover that David is also staying at that place in addition to the hordes of Aliens waiting for them.


Fans were left with a number of questions after watching Prometheus. However, fans will note that Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) is missing from the trailer. In the last movie, Shaw got on the Engineer’s ship while carrying David’s head. Thus, fans can only guess what had happened to her or whether she managed to locate the Engineers.

However, the biggest problem is the exponential proliferation of Xenomorphs in just 10 years. As shown in Prometheus, the first Xenomorph was nothing much. Thus, it will be interesting how these things increased in population. Moreover, there is also the matter of transport. Possibly, the Engineers meddled again and handled the transport of facehuggers.


Prometheus was set in 2093, and Alien: Covenant is set in 2103. Based on collated date, Ellen Ripley was born in 2092, and she would first make contact with Xenomorphs in 2122. Thus, there is a 20-year gap between the latest Alien movie and the first one.


Fans can expect to see major forms of Xenomorphs in Alien: Covenant.


Neomorphs are supposedly new characters in the movie. No image of this alien is available yet, so fans will just have to find out when they watch the movie.


If luck would have it, Alien: Covenant may start a new trilogy will serve as the prequel for the classic Alien. This is not too impossible as there are a lot more of alien stories given the time gaps and the cliff hangers that were left by the previous movies.

Horror Movie Reviews


If you are like a lot of horror fans you love horror movies but they always seem to be awful.  How many times have you seen a movie that sounded great and then let you down.  How many times have they incorporated cheap jump scares but had no real plot of story worth watching?  One school of thought is because horror movies can be made on low budgets and still generate great box office numbers they don’t put a lot of effort into only green lighting the best stories.  The flip side of the coin is how many horror movies have you discovered and really enjoyed but never heard anything about it.  It was a sleeper and not popular with the masses.  This is why we love to watch reviews especially on youtube to find out what the fans have to say.