One of the best science fiction horror films of all time.  As a horror fan this is my favorite horror movie of all time.  While I love the original Poltergeist I just love science fiction so much that when you combine the two you have a real winner.  Sure there has been a ton of sequels and a lot of great directors have taken a stab at them.  And there are some decent sequels over the years.  Nothing works quit as well as the original.  The latest installment that came out this year was a decent film but maybe it had too much scifi and got away from what made the original work.  At times Alien Covenant felt like an episode of star trek.

Watch the original trailer and tell me they didn’t make great films in the 70’s.


  1. An Alien baby bursts out of a males stomack.
  2. The monster spits deadly acid.
  3. On a space ship you can’t leave the house
  4. How can you kill something that is faster than you and bigger?
  5. It grew from baby to monster quicker than a school boy looking at a playmate.
  6. it was filmed before cgi FX