Anthology Horror Movies

I was told by the guys at that Anthology movies are making a comeback.  They are currently running a poll on their twitter about.  Before you go to the poll and vote or see who won take one guess who is winning.  Think about it for a second.  Hint it’s not the The Twilight Zone film that ruined John Landis’s career.  He never recovered after the helicopter crash killed a few crew members on set.  Maybe he couldn’t live with the guilt.  After that he didn’t really ever do anything too great again.

I remember the little alien on the plane. It scared me as a kid. I became an instant fan of John Lithgow. I remember seeing him at a New York Yankees game not long after seeing the movie. That was the first famous person I ever saw in person. So years later I shouldn’t have been surprised that he turned up at the Trinity Killer on the great psychopath horror television show Dexter. And let’s not forget the one of the episodes was directed by Steven Spielberg.

So know Twilight Zone isn’t the winner of the best Anthology check out the results and see if you agree.