Resident Evil Franchise

Last January, Resident Evil fans witnessed the last installment of the movie franchise. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter tells the final chapter of Alice’s battle against the Umbrella Corporation. And of course, zombies.

The movie lost its support in the US. Though the last installment can be considered noteworthy and comes with some remarkable twist, it only earned $26 million domestically. Apparently, fans have grown tired of being disappointed by the previous Resident Evil movies.

However, when you look at the bigger picture, Resident Evil franchise is still making waves across continents. In fact, all previous Resident Evil films were received warmly by audiences that it another addition to the franchise was made possible. Moreover, the fourth film, Afterlife, earned $300 million worldwide.

Thus, as Americans are no longer paying attention to The Final Chapter, international screenings are still going big, with earnings of around $240 million. Surprisingly, this number does not include the earnings for China’s opening weekend, a staggering amount of $94.3 million. Thus, The Resident Evil: Final Chapter earned significantly more than its budget of $40 million.

Going back to the previous Resident Evil films, franchise was supposed to end with Afterlife. However, with the success of the franchise internationally, Paul W.S. Anderson found it hard to move on. And again, Screen Gems and Constantin Films witnessed the success of Resident Evil. As business enterprises, they are placed in a tight position regarding whether to continue the Resident Evil franchise or do a reboot. In the end, true Resident Evil fans can only hope. These monsters are as bad as a scary vampire.