The Bye Bye Man

There are already horror movies about the Candyman and the bogey man. However, another movie, The Bye Bye Man, takes on another superstition but unfortunately fails the fan miserably. The film starts with a journalist named Madison Wisconsin mentioned a specific name to some people in 1969. Then, the journalist ended up killing most of his neighbors. After 10 years, a group of friends consisting of a college student (Elliot) and his girlfriend (Sasha) and his best friend (John) moves into a creepy old house where he stumbled upon a name etched on one of their furniture.

These men are your typical guy vying for attention of one women, whereas the girlfriend was not even given a proper backstory. Meanwhile, the supposedly The Bye Bye man in the movie is lackluster in bringing horror, though he is most notable for dropping gold coins to catch attention, travels by train, and is accompanied of an animal that resembles a hellhound.

Then, the movie proceeds like a normal slasher film but at much a more disappointing manner. Viewers also noted the low production of the movie and lackluster acting of the actors. There were also some major issues regarding the basic narrative of the film.

However, what disappointed horror fans the most was the seemingly lack of respect of the movie for them. It seemed that the movie just assumed that horror fans would accept whatever supposedly terror horror movies throw at them. Though some may be worse than The Bye Bye Man, none can possibly ever cause disappointment the same way that it did.